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Boeotian, adamantine, asinine, beef-brained, beef-witted, blockheaded, blockish, bony, bovine, bristling, broad-bodied, bulky, bullnecked, cement, cemental, chumpish, cloddish, close, close-knit, close-textured, close-woven, coarse, compact, compacted, compressed, concentrated, concrete, condensed, congested, consolidated, corneous, corpulent, cowish, crammed, crammed full, crass, crawling, crowded, diamondlike, dim, dim-witted, doltish, dull, dullard, dumb, duncical, duncish, durable, dure, enduring, exuberant, fat, fatheaded, firm, flintlike, flinty, flourishing, foolish, full, full-bodied, gluey, granitelike, granitic, gross, hard, hard as nails, hardhearted, heaped, heavy, heavyset, horny, impassable, impassive, impenetrable, impermeable, ineducable, iron-hard, ironlike, jam-packed, jammed, jungled, jungly, klutzy, lapideous, lasting, lethargic, lithoid, lithoidal, lumpish, lush, luxuriant, marble, marblelike, massed, massive, nonporous, numskulled, oafish, obdurate, obtuse, opaque, osseous, overgrown, overrun, packed, phlegmatic, piled, populous, rank, resistant, resistive, riotous, rocklike, rocky, rugged, serried, slow, slow-witted, sluggish, solid, sottish, sound, stable, steady, steellike, steely, stolid, stonelike, stony, stout, strong, stupid, sturdy, substantial, swarming, teeming, thick, thick-bodied, thick-growing, thick-witted, thickheaded, thickset, three-dimensional, tight, torpid, tough, unteachable, unweeded, unyielding, viscid, viscose, viscous, weed-choked, weed-ridden, weedy, well-built, well-constructed, well-founded, well-grounded, well-made, wrongheaded

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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